Doodles Launches 2nd NFT Collection on Flow for Wearables!

• Doodles is launching a new NFT collection called Doodles 2
• The collection is launching on the Flow, an eco-friendly Web3 blockchain
• The collection will allow holders to customize their Doodle with wearables, including apparels, accessories, and gadgets

Doodles, the popular non-fungible token (NFT) platform, has announced the launch of its highly anticipated Doodles 2 collection. This new set of collectibles will be available across multiple ecosystems, including computer, phone, and social media platforms. The team chose Flow, an eco-friendly Web3 blockchain, for its scalability, composability, security, and no gas fees. Users can begin minting their first wearables and create Doodles 2 NFTs on Flow as from January 31st.

The Doodles 2 collection will allow holders to customize their Doodle with a range of wearables, including apparels, accessories, and gadgets. It is an offshoot of the core Doodles collection, which became one of the top NFT collections of last year. This collection featured 10,000 unique NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Doodles team chose Flow for the new collection due to its powerful composability, security, no gas fees, and on-chain scalability, which is a key feature for the new set of collectibles. This feature will allow for access across social platforms, live events, and gaming worlds. The CEO of Doodles, Julian Holguin, said, “As we open Doodles up to the world, we know we can rely on an architecture that was built to scale from day one. Flow offers an easy onboarding experience for developers and users alike, allowing us to focus on the core experience.”

The launch of the Doodles 2 collection is exciting news for the NFT ecosystem and marks an important step forward in the development of NFTs as an increasingly popular asset class. It is also a positive step towards greater accessibility and scalability, allowing users to participate in the NFT ecosystem in new and exciting ways.

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